Radioopt Traffic Monitor


Frequently Asked Questions

bar-chart-iconMy consumption

Why do I need Traffic Monitor?

Have you have experienced bill shock, coverage or performance problems with your operator? Do you want to avoid that in future? Start using Traffic Monitor to continously monitor your voice and data consumption and analyze the performance of your network using our speed test solution. For more information check our video.

How can I configure my plan to control my consumption?

In Settings >> Setup Wizard you can set your Data, Voice and SMS plan limits. Initially the billing period is set to the first day of the month. It is important that you change it to the starting day of your corresponding billing period. You can check this date in one of your bills.

How can I get notifications by setting up alarms?

When setting your plan (see previous point) you can select the option (check box) to generate a sound when your limit is reached.

How can I see the consumption per app?

By selecting the Apps option from the bottom menu you can see your consumption by app. The consumption is displayed by access type, Mobile and Wi-Fi, and also by uplink and downlink. (Android only)

Can I manage my apps using Traffic Monitor?

Traffic Monitor includes a Task Manager feature where the running apps and operating system tasks are displayed with the option to select and stop them. (Android only).

Can I see my roaming usage when traveling?

In the Usage view, which is selected from the bottom menu, you can select Roaming to check your roaming consumption. (Android only)

mobile signal My coverage

How can I check the quality of my coverage?

By selecting the Quality option from the bottom menu you can see the average availability of your Coverage (how good is my coverage) and Data Services (how good is the availability of my Data Services). Data is aggregated over the last days.

How does the coverage affects the service quality?

Coverage can affect differently on your voice and data services. Voice services has actually good coverage in most of the countries, but not all the operators offers full coverage, mainly in remote regions, being important to check which are the operators offering the best service quality in your main locations. Regarding Data services, coverage and network congestion are the main reasons to suffer bad experience, and in this case we recommend you to use our Speed Test to compare the real and theoretical speed test. In resume analyzing coverage and performance you can measure your provider quality of service.

My performance

How can I measure the speed of my connection?

By selecting the Speed option on the bottom menu we offer you the opportunity to run a speed test to measure the performance of your network. The test runs under your actual connection, Wi-Fi or Mobile. Run test shows:

  • Download speed [Mbps]
  • Upload speed [Mbps]
  • Ping [ms]
  • Website [seconds]

How can I compare my speed with the rest of users in my location?

Your speed is automatically compared with the rest of users in your location and displayed together with yours.