Radioopt Traffic Monitor


Control your data and voice usage

Keep an eye on your mobile data and voice consumption at home or when travelling.



…and avoid surprises

  • Monitor your voice and data usage for mobile and Wi-Fi networks
  • Configure your plan and set alarms to get notifications when you are exceeding the set limits
  • Identify which apps consume the most data
  • Compare your bill information with the usage to avoid surprises, especially when you are traveling.

Measure your coverage

Discover network availability for 3G and 4G networks in your surrounding area. Our coverage map shows you, based on our gathered data, the signal quality of each provider.

…for the best network in your area

  • Measure your mobile coverage at home and compare it with the other subscribers.
  • Measure the signal strength of your Wi-Fi router.
  • Compare and select the operator that offers you better coverage at a better price.

Test your speed

Traffic Monitor measures and visualizes on a speedometer the connection speed of your mobile and Wi-Fi network and compares the result to users nearby.

Download Speed: 9.82 Mbps
Upload Speed: 1.2Mbps
Ping: 52ms

..verify and compare the speed of your network

  • Download, Upload, and Ping
  • Compare real measurements with the theoretical mobile or Wi-Fi speed.